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5 Tips to Aid in Daily Living

3rrAs we age, we often encounter a variety of health issues or ailments that can slow us down. And, while some of these ailments may be minor, inevitably they cause us to make adjustments to our standard of living. For some of us, it may be no more than a change in lifestyle or habits. However, for many people it means learning how to use an assortment of aids for daily living.

These aids for daily living can take many different forms. For some it can be as simple as re-arranging furniture so limbs are not bruised or perhaps changing ones diet and exercise routine to help improve bone and muscles strength, while for others it may involve adding safety features such as support bars or benches for the tub. In more extreme cases, it may mean moving to a new residence or either bringing outside help, but regardless of the actions, these ease of living actions typically mean a richer life than expected.

However, the aids for living life to its fullest are not always about new residences, or adding numerous safety features to the

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6 Useful Diet Tips That Can Safeguard Your Health

vv3Your health is something that can be deteriorated easily if you don't pay enough attention. Your regular diet can determine your overall health in the long run. It is important to pay due attention to your diet so that your health can be safeguarded. Thus we have listed and explained a few important diet tips that can take you a long way forward.

1. Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables should not be consumed on a seldom basis. It should be part of your everyday diet because of the health benefits associated with them. You need to choose a variety of these items because of the different combinations of minerals and vitamins that they contain.

2. Fish

You need to aim for at least two portions of fish per week. If one of these fish is oily, you will benefit more. An oily fish is said to be a very rich of vitamin D. it is also important for the health of your bones. These include fresh tuna, salmon, trout and mackerel.

3. Cut down saturated sugar and fat

We obviously need some sugar and fat in our diet. However

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How Does Oxygen Travel Through the Body

dOxygen is the most important element for sustaining life on earth. It is said to constitute half of the mass of our planet. Apart from being vital for sustaining life, it is the 2nd largest consumed gas in the industry. Because of its oxidation properties, it is used in sustaining burning processes in the industry. Coming back to our point-oxygen being the vital element for sustaining life, it is transported to our lungs via respiration. After reaching the lungs, it gets dissolved into blood.

After dissolving into blood, it travels throughout the length and breadth of our bodies. How does oxygen travel to different parts of the body from lungs? It is an important question for understanding the circulation of the non-metallic element in every cell. Each cell inside our body needs oxygen to stay alive. It is needed in each cell of the body for burning of food in order to release energy, which is used for running their functions.

Now, you might just as well ask how oxygen reaches into every cell of the body. Being dissolved into blood, it travels via blood through


Annual Medical Checkups Are They Necessary

ewIn recent years, however, much has been written about annual medical checkups - a long list of tests one must undergo every year, especially after turning 40. Considering the cost and time involved in conducting these tests, a question that arises is - Are these tests actually beneficial? And are they necessary?

The fact of the matter is that there is no one-package-suits-all solution. Pre-determined exhaustive checkups are neither necessary nor beneficial. Furthermore, such checkups are not cost effective and, in some cases, cause unnecessary additional testing and anxiety. What is critical is the time spent with one's physician - to better determine their individual risk for certain diseases, something that may require testing in the present, and could pay off in health care savings down the road.

Here is what you need to keep in mind before you decide on what annual checkups could mean to you:

1. Analyzing the need:

The tests you need depend on your age, health, gender, and your risk factors. Risk factors might include family history, such as having a close relative with cancer, and lifestyle issues, such as smoking. Cholesterol screening,

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How To Fight Back Ankylozing Spondylitis?

rWhen you get up early in the morning, often you might be feeling a severe pain right in the middle of your backbone. It may appear as if someone is piercing a knife right through your spine. If you carefully observe and see that the spine is bent a bit, and whenever you are just trying your best to straighten it, you feel as if you can not move it or feel immense pain, then it is time for you to go and visit the doctor. Make sure that you visit a good and renowned rheumatologist.

The symptoms may as well be that of Ankylosing spondylitis. This deforming disease often tends to attack people during the early ages... say early 20s or 30s. Some major visible symptoms may include hunch back formation when you are sitting idle or at rest in a sitting position. This occurs due to the fact that Ankylosing spondylitis affects the spine as much as it affects the joints and the tendons.

Some other symptoms may include stiffness of any joint in the body, arthritic pain in the joints, swelling of joints

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6 Most Common Side Effects Of Bariatric Surgery

4rBariatric surgery can greatly improve a patient's overall health. It definitely helps combat some of the obesity related health problems. It is a known fact that patients undergoing this surgery require to commit to some serious life style changes. However, there are some side effects of this surgery too.

Side effects are unavoidable. Patients need to understand that developing the right eating habits and following all the instructions given to you by the doctor will help deal with the side effects better.

Here are some of the most common side effects of bariatric surgery:

Dumping Syndrome

This is commonly called as 'rapid gastric emptying'. When food moves quickly through the stomach, it is literally dumped in the small intestine. The body responds to this dumping by adding large amounts of fluid to the intestine. The patient feels weak, dizzy and nauseous. These symptoms can be avoided by eating right. Your doctor will recommend a diet.


Dehydration is generally caused due to the abnormal depletion of body fluids. Your doctor will recommend that you drink a lot of water every day. Minimum 2 liters of water is a must for


How to Identify the Best Heart Hospital

vvvWhat makes one hospital better than the other? What are the characteristics of the best heart hospital? Only a very few hospitals are considered remarkable in their field of expertise. There are many factors to be considered when categorizing hospitals and selecting the best heart hospital. Along with the expertise of the cardiac surgeons, they also must have competent support staff, latest technology equipment and great rehabilitation and recovery facilities.

Surgeons and physicians

Heart specialists and heart surgeons form the core of a heart hospital. Their expertise decides the number of successful cases. Advanced heart research in the field of heart care, treatment and surgery should be encouraged. Surgeons and physicians have a great reputation and are preferred by their patients for performing heart surgeries.

Support Staff

The support staff should have minimal yet adequate knowledge of heart ailments. Nurses should be able to appropriately help during surgery and understand how the equipment in the operating theatre works. Their promptness also contributes to the success of the heart operation.

Services offered

While comparing heart care centers, it is also important to take a look at the services they offer. Preventive


5 Tips to Aid in Daily Living

fgAs we age, we often encounter a variety of health issues or ailments that can slow us down. And, while some of these ailments may be minor, inevitably they cause us to make adjustments to our standard of living. For some of us, it may be no more than a change in lifestyle or habits. However, for many people it means learning how to use an assortment of aids for daily living.

These aids for daily living can take many different forms. For some it can be as simple as re-arranging furniture so limbs are not bruised or perhaps changing ones diet and exercise routine to help improve bone and muscles strength, while for others it may involve adding safety features such as support bars or benches for the tub. In more extreme cases, it may mean moving to a new residence or either bringing outside help, but regardless of the actions, these ease of living actions typically mean a richer life than expected.

However, the aids for living life to its fullest are not always about new residences, or adding numerous safety features to the

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How To Quickly Tighten And Tone Up A Flabby Stomach

dThe abdominal area is often one of the hardest parts of the body to tighten and tone. Most strength building activities that target this area are difficult and not very fun to do. Unfortunately, not only is a flabby waistline less than attractive, but it also puts you at far greater risk of heart disease and serious back issues. Following are a few, simple strategies for creating a smooth, flat and muscular belly.

It is first important for people to recognize the difference between subcutaneous fat and visceral fat. Subcutaneous fat is the fairly harmless, soft fat that accumulates on top of the muscles and that can be easily pinched and measured with your hands. Although and excess amount of subcutaneous fat can be dangerous, all humans need a certain amount to support their normal metabolic functions and to ensure overall well-being.

Visceral fat, however, is a dangerous, yellow fat that collects around your actual organs. You have a lot of this fat if your belly feels bloated and hard. The accumulation of visceral fat is responsible for the development of heart disease, fatty liver disease

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How Modern Gyms Are Revolutionizing Fitness

erModern workout routines differ quite a bit from the highly regimented workout routines of the past. No longer are you forced to complete the same repetitive motions over and over again without achieving very significant results in the end. There are now a multitude of advanced training programs available today that are designed to burn fat and build muscle through a combination of meticulously chosen motions.

If you are looking for one of the best ways to get fit, and perhaps even ripped, you should consider participating in the fitness classes now offered in modern gyms. These classes are no ordinary gym membership classes though, because they involve the extensive use of unique strategies to get students fit. Everything from weightlifting to dancing is now commonly used during these classes to get students into the best shape of their lives.

In this way, you can get fit without suffering through the monotonous repetition of exercise routines of the distant past. This powerful combination of motions also produces muscle confusion thereby enhancing every part of the body. Exercise routines that take advantage of muscle confusion never let

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Medical Appraisal

ssAn annual appraisal is a demonstration of your fitness to practice along with the understanding of your professional development needs. It facilitates a self-review of your medical practice through evidences and supporting information.

Objectives of medical appraisal

- Reflects individual practice and performance with a chosen appraiser to demonstrate they're up to date and fit to practice
- Help doctors to make Professional Development Plan (PDP)
- Ensures doctors understand organisational priorities
- To identify learning needs

The General Medical Council (GMC) has a framework for appraisal and revalidation based on different groups of doctors. Doctors are expected to address their responsibilities according to their defined group.

Junior Doctors

Junior doctors or doctors in training revalidation is based on the Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP). They do not need to participate in annual appraisal as described in the guidance.

Clinical Academics

Clinical Academics annual appraisal process is outlined in the same guidance as above i.e. Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP). A set of principles has been set to integrate the responsibilities for clinical academics staffs in appraisal, disciplinary and reporting arrangements.

Appraisal and Revalidation

Revalidation is the process by which the


Health Benefits

sStaying healthy is tough for those who have never tried. It's just making small changes in your daily routine that will bring big changes.

There are a few things we can do that can provide us with health benefits and guard us against probable diseases and it's threats.

· Kickstart your Mornings - Starting your day with lukewarm water with a drop of lemon will detoxify your body and keep you fresh and energized the whole day.

· Never Skip your Breakfast - Breakfast is very important for your body's metabolism. Make sure you never go without breakfast and a handful of almonds.

· Smoothify - Add healthy and tasty smoothies to your regular breakfast for a healthy lifestyle. You can try the Almond and Soya Milk Smoothie filled with essential nutrients and dietary fibers.

· Small Meals - Keep having meals in small intervals for a proper metabolism. Almonds, for instance have a lot of health benefits. They are filling and great for small snacking purposes.

· Go Green - Replace your regular tea with Green Tea. Green Tea is great for weight loss and is anti-oxidant rich. This


All You Need To Know About Dimple Creation Surgery

regDimples give your smile an extra charm. You can get this extra charm very easily now-a-days. If you do not have natural dimples, creating them is easy with today's advanced technology medical procedures. This is generally a minor surgical procedure carried out under local anesthesia. The results of this procedure are generally permanent.

A dimple is naturally formed when there is a small defect in the cheek muscle. The skin that is over this defect gets stuck down when the muscle contracts while smiling. The overlying skin indents to create a dimple.

This dimple, as mentioned earlier can be created artificially. Here, we discuss how a dimple is created. We will also check the risks involved and recovery. Pre and post operative care is also important for a successful operation.


The procedure is fairly simple and as mentioned earlier, it is done under local anesthesia. This means that you will be awake during the procedure. If you would rather be asleep, you can talk to your doctor and special arrangements can be made. The procedure takes around 20 minutes and hospital stay is not required. You can


Conjunction Of Abdominoplasty With Rectus Plication And Body Sculpting

egThe rectus muscle is located in the abdomen, and if worked out with a lot of exercise, you can get six or eight packs. However, if it had been as simple as it sounds, then a protruding belly, or muffin tops would not have been an aesthetic complaint of the vast majority.

It often happens that after massive weight loss, there is a lot of loose skin. Skin as well muscle tones, becomes lax by being stretched to an ultimate limit of intra-abdominal volume in obese people or during pregnancy. Though after pregnancy, the skin's normal elasticity usually resumes. But massive weight loss after obesity, largely sees skin sagging, and drooping downwards that may be cosmetically unwanted. That is where body contouring treatment makes a difference, and tummy tuck is just one of them. The idea is to systematically remove the excess sagging skin from the abdomen and attain a toned body.

Abdominoplasty - Tummy Tuck

An incision is made along the lower abdominal area from hip bone to hip bone, and around the belly button, to release the flap of skin from the abdomen and opened


Steps To Recover From Rhinoplasty

vvRhinoplasty is a cosmetic procedure to correct and improve the appearance and function of the nose. Commonly referred to as a nose job, the surgery facilitates the reconstruction of this facial feature for a more aesthetic result or restoration for clear and stable nasal operation. The enhancement must be performed under the guidance of a certified plastic surgeon who can assist in determining the best solutions for individual patient needs.

Corrective procedure to change the shape or function of the nose is invasive and intricate. Patients who express dissatisfaction with the appearance of this facial focal point or experience disrupted air flow upon inhalation are carefully examined to advise on candidacy. To ensure efficient results and recovery, a number of post surgical tips can minimize complications.

Upon completion of surgical procedure, patients can expect mild discomfort, tenderness, swelling and bruising around the nose. It is not uncommon for bruises and swollen areas to extend to the cheeks and below the eyes. Refraining from regular activities and ensuring sufficient rest can support a healthy and shorter recovery process.

Pain and discoloration should decrease over a 6 week period provided that the correct care steps are implemented

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What You Need To Know Before Having A Facelift

1The aging process can take its toll on youthful appeal causing fine lines, sagging, crows feet and a tired appearance. A facelift, Meloplasty or Rhytidectomy is a cosmetic procedure that aims to relieve and remove the signs of aging for a brighter, tighter and smoother skin surface. The invasive surgery undertaken by a board certified doctor requires knowledge of such enhancement to make an informed decision.

Facelifts involve lifting the skin to tighten surrounding tissue to remove wrinkles and sag. It restores a smooth, glowing and balanced appeal that can improve self esteem with a refreshed and rejuvenated physical result. Learning about the surgery and how to prepare for such cosmetic enhancement can assist in choosing the right surgeon and making effective choices for a healthy outcome.

The procedure involves invasive surgical measures with careful attention to detail reliant on the skills and discretion of a surgeon. Before proceeding with the lift, it is important to choose your surgeon correctly to ensure a well sculpted appeal with a natural result. An experienced and licensed practitioner must be consulted to determine candidacy and to advise on the steps to be followed in facilitation of safe

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Different Aesthetic Goals And Surgical Plans

wvThe different aesthetic goals and condition of the patient, including the skin texture, severity of wrinkles and fine lines or skin folds, involvement of another procedure like a nose job; and many other factors have devised different surgical plans of the one Facelift surgery. Every surgical plan has its own justifiable existence, for ideal candidates.

1. Deep Plane

Ideal Problem - Deep groovy wrinkles and skin folds (ptosis) in the mid face region.

Process - The deep plane resided underneath the SMAS layer is a fibrous layer of muscle. It attends the mid face area by pulling and tightening smile lines, the jowl and the downward sagging of apples.

Removing ptosis skin and excess fat pads and tightening the surrounding muscles. The surgery is performed on a partly open dissection basis, with the incisions along the back or front of the ears. The incisions are majorly hidden underneath hair, and as long performed under a talented surgeon are unremarkable. The procedure does not attend forehead and sides of the eyes.

Anaesthesia - General or Twilight Anaesthesia

Time - 2hours

Risks - Because of the deep reaching nature of the procedure it


Understanding The No Carb Diet

advA no carb diet is different from a low carb diet. It is more intense because you're allowed zero carbohydrate intake. There must be an alternative source of energy in your diet. Fat will be the main source, and protein is another backup. The bulk of your intake on a no carb diet will be cheese, fish, egg and meat.

The natural consequence of this is a ketogenic state as the fat consumed is converted into ketones. Oxidization of fat is not the regular setting of your metabolic processes which typically depend on carbohydrates. For this reason, a strict no carb diet should ideally be vetted by a physician, especially if you have any medical conditions which could make it dangerous to try.

To qualify for the category of zero carb diet, your total daily intake should not exceed 50 grams of carbohydrate. However, even when you eat more than that, there's a chance that you'll continue losing weight.

Preparing for a no carb diet

It's hard to get started on such a strict dietary regimen without prior preparation. Give yourself time to prepare for it. Draw up

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Lose Weight and Eat Healthy

wwDo I need a Paleo Diet Plan?

50,000 years ago, when men were hunters and gatherers, it was okay to "eat-up" in order to develop layers of fat, as that would be useful in the winter when food was hard to find. That's not a problem anymore. Today, we get a constant supply of processed and refined foods such as chocolates, sodas and sugars, which are really bad for us.

They cannot be synthesized by the kidney and liver quickly enough as they contain so many simple carbohydrates - which become metabolized into the body and are stored as fat. So, we need to change the way we eat, and adopt a diet plan that supports our natural biorhythms, instead of endangering them.

That's why you need a Paleo Diet Plan. What's the Paleo Diet? The Paleo Diet for beginners is simply the healthiest way to eat because it is unique - it works in synch with your genetics to help you stay lean and strong for much longer, and gives you the energy boost you need.

The Paleo diet food list consists of foods that your digestive


3 Botox Myths That Will Blow Your Mind

vBotox is one of the most popular treatments that adults have when it comes to cosmetic procedures, but still there are many misconceptions on what it can and cannot do, there is also confusion on if men or women should use it and the age you should start using Botox. Ultimately only you and your doctor can determine if Botox is good for you, but before we get to that step, let's get rid of some of the myths that surround Botox.

In this article I will look at the top 3 myths that surround Botox. Hopefully after this article you will know more about Botox and have a better understanding of the treatment, so keep on reading.

Myth number one is something that I hear all the time and that the best time to start using Botox is when your lines first appear, wrong!

The best time to start using Botox in many professionals opinion is before lines appear at all. The reason for this is that if you wait for the lines to etch themselves into your skin then you are fighting a losing battle as your skin has already started to crease

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